Sometimes Its Better to Keep Your Feelings Or Opinions to Yourself.

So there I was, wasting my day away at Hewlett Packard today............. (I wouldn't wish visiting HP on anyone, not even my worst enemy, they are so incompetent, disinterested and whatever......fuckem i say)

My country, to say the least, has a very diverse and colourful mix of people. Today we will focus on the Afrikaner, otherwise known as the dutchman, the plank, the rock, or just plain ****** stupid. I think they are probably on a par with the USA hillbillies.

Anyway, so there I am waiting for a new printer, which you would swear was like trying to get printer on mars and this dumb dutchmans phone starts ringing. I recognise the tone, it was frikkin Knight Rider. So anyway I look at him and burst out laughing which was a big mistake. ( quick insight into this: I have the towering height of 5'7" and the mind boggling weight of 149lbs and this dutchman must have been 6'4" and weighed close to about 330lbs) He looks at me and in his dutchman ****** up english says "you can like to think it are funny?" and then proceeds to send me flying about 8 meters back into a wall. OUCH! I deemed it wise to leave it at that...........

Praxis Praxis
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I'm glad that made you smile ;P

I'm glad that made you smile ;P