Well my dumb*ss left my window open and i also live in apartments so neighbors could walk pass and hear everything i'm doing. So i was going at it and as soon as i finished i heard someone creeping to my window. I thought my window was close so I didn't mind, i also have curtains to block their viewing. As i keeped hearing someone messing around right outside my window, i sneaked to make sure the coast is clear, that's when i saw my window was actually open. I am now embarrassed and was curious if anyone else has been thru what i been thru, so i clicked on google and searched up people with the same similar experience. I saw a story that sound interesting on this website but in order to read it i have to sign in. I still haven't read the story yet and now im sharing this all with you.
wreckabilly wreckabilly
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014