Reasons Why I Think I Hate My Husband

Reasons why I am really starting to detested my husband

I have to practically drag out of bed in the morning no doubt he will have a few nasty things to say to me like shut the **** up, he gets at least two sleeps ins a week I haven’t got a lie in ,in a very very long time and I hate him for that he couldn’t care less if I ever got a break like that ,I am supposed to go to bed early  that way  I wouldn’t need ” lie ins” ,well that’s what he tells me anyway ,if I am sick he could nt care less either it is all about him really ,about 6 weeks after our daughter was born by caesarean but  section we were both in bed ,when she woke automatically I would get up anyway I called him to maybe give me a hand and he gave me such a dig in to the back , I as was getting up ,my back was weak as **** and after the section and it hurt so much for days after I swear I was ashamed didn’t think I could tell anyone ever but I was with one of my friends one day and I told her she told me to leave him ,like no matter the circumstances you do not punch some one in the ever and especially after having a section I still feel the pain I think it must of damaged some nerve in my back but I m not going to hold it against him or give out to him about it because it was probably my fault anyway

Back to me dragging him out the bed ,well I need to get him up in order for me to go to work and for him to mind our daughter ,if I didn’t call him he would stay in bed till 12 or even 2 no matter how much she cried or roared ignorance is bliss in his case

My mother minds her most of the time when I go to work it is too much work for him and he complains about it and that he is wrecked from running around after her all day ya ******* right he sits on his hole more that like likely with laptop and coffee to hand

Baby  is probably watching tv or made suck a bottle in her cot and go to sleep if he is feeling adventurous he will go to visit his cousin who will probably show my poor child a bit of attention and some stimulation for her little mind unlike her boring daily routine of nothing with daddy  he never makes an attempt to play with her bring her any place fun nothing he doesn’t really care at all he is a **** ,jez typing here grinding my teeth at the taught of the bastard  he just cant do it like he is useless I don’t know why  maybe

 Because he such a ******* waster and too used of getting everything for nothing and couldn’t be bother looking for a job Oh wait “there is no jobs”  well not the perfect job anyway so why  bother apply for the ones that he thinks  are beneath him like with his flipping degree which is doing him no favours at all when he could try  MacDonald’s ,Tesco’s super value  just a no experience required job anywhere its a start for someone who has no proper work reference ,well to be honest if I was an employer I would not hire him he is too needy ,a massive lay about ,no interest in doing a full days work and will doss whenever is possible most days at home he sits on his *** with laptop on the lap ,designing his websites which no one is ever going to care a bout because he ***** them up making them too complicated for even himself I don’t think he has the brain power of the average human being ,really maybe a bit harsh but sadly it is very true,

He is 34 now as far as I can make it out he hasn’t worked that much in his younger years either ,the majority of the people I know  including myself were working from about 14 years of age up wards doing what ever  couldn’t wait to get a job to earn your own money have a bit of life experience some thing new  it ment you we re growing up  ,not him it just ment nothing what the hell is wrong with him ,

When I first met him I taught he was quirky and actually believed he had potential to work and be sociable ,I got pregnant after 6 months I wouldn’t say I got stuck with him because I di genuinely love him I still do sometimes especially when he morphs into a father and a husband again and does things maybe make the dinner or ,do the washing ,maybe have some form of descent sex where he is not complaining the other morning he makes my play with him while I got nothing at all the expected me to enjoy the sex with out no four play or lube ya if I complain then I get nothing at all its all my fault as usually I’m a ******* nagging cow I am told god if he only listened to him self ,some other time we were all hot and heavy I was getting in to it taking off his shirt until I was told I was doing it wrong and we can forget about it now what ******* and we will only have sex when he feels like it never EVER when I want it ,really unfair ,also I do like oral and he used to do it all the time before now I might get two minutes of it the odd time I m a fool for giving him oral when he asks for it then ooooooohhhhhhSSSSSSEXXX

I keep trying to make the best of him like he is my childs father and hate fighting around her she picks up on it like ,so chance after chance but he is still not getting it

i think i hate my husband
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Time to go throw his *** out