Whats Wrong With This Person

My 'dear' hubby and I were lying in bed a few nights ago when he began to talk about different things. He began by talking about a woman he used to date who is hanging onto a married man while he wife watches. To my knowledge they are getting a divorce. She dated this man before he married his ex wife to be and broke up with him before he met her.

Then my 'dear' hubby said someone told him she said she could not have this man she wanted, which he said was him. He dated this woman before he met me and she broke up with him after she got all she could out of him. This really hit me the wrong way and I asked him when he was told that and he said about five years ago. I told him that was a sneaky thing to hold onto, and was he holding it close to his heart. We have been married 3 and 1/2 years after dating for two years. I really didn't care about getting married to him but he kept on until I finally gave in.

It is not because I am jealous, for I feel if a man wants another woman then I am better off without him. He has also told me that both of his ex wives want him back, and I am beginning to think it could be wishful thinking. Anyway, I am really fed up with him, all I hear otherwise is how much he loves me and couldn't do without me. In other words, I think he really stinks.
dangfool dangfool
70+, F
Nov 25, 2012