I Hate My Husband!

I'm pregnant and i think he doesn't care. If he cares he should find a job!
If he cares,he should help me do the house chores. He is 32 yrs old ,and I am 23. I can say that I am mature than my husband ,i always think for our future. He always says that he is searching for a job but he is just in the house checking his facebook,texting his friends.Sometimes i get jealous because he always helps his friends,but he is not helping me.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

If that is true, then he needs to grow up. It is not natural for a man to not want to take proper care of a pregnant woman. If you have anyone else to support you (family, whatever) then tell him - sort himself out, RIGHT NOW, or get out.
A bit late to say this - but don't get pregnant if you aren't sure of the man.