Losing My Mind!!!!

When we first started dating he was my dream. Then I fell for him and he started to be crappy. But we worked thorugh most of it and eventually he asked me to marry him . half a year later he said he needs to get out of thouse because of my family so he brings me a flower to let me know he still loves me. You know what he did that very same night he cheated on me. I tried to put it past me and a few months later we got married. I'm starting to regret even trying to forgive him because I cant get it out of my head still. Not to mention while we were dating he lied all the time. And recently one of his past one night stands tried to add him and he had jsut gotten a new phone as soon as I told him his number he ******* messaged it to her. I was pissed. I can't trust him anymore. And he complains that I dont trust him. How can I? Hes always lieing. he says its bc he doesnt want me to get mad. I'll admit i do get really mad sometimes but thats no reaosn to lie. IDK what to do. I love him but hes permnantly atttached to his god damn phone now. Not to mention he hardly ever wants to do it with me. i feel like he treats me as his maid. I do everything,and he acknowledges none of it jsut because he works more hours than i do. I cant help how many hours I work or dont work. I really think I hate him. i'm going crazy. Hes so much more of an ******* than he used to be. I'm starting to regret the whole relationship. He thinks I have no reason not to trust him or be mad. I jsut dont know.
Meakle Meakle
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 31, 2013

I read somethings on here and I wonder if they bare real, then I think, well perhaps they are. if that is the case, then, "GET OUT" of the relationship! You are young enough to have your pick of fine young men, just don't fall for the first one who shows you some kindness, work at it!