Problem, Authority?

I don't know. Is there something wrong with me, or am I just not discaplined well, too stuburned or what.

I know that Im supposed to listen to my parents, it's in the ten commandments, and Im pretty religious when it comes to god and his will.
But when I am faced with a choice to either argue or give in I always choose to argue, even if I know its going to make my mom or anyone to react. I don't want a reaction, I guess I just like to prove my point and be the last to say something. Sometimes it goes so far that I end up leaving the house,but only when that choice is offered to me by my mom saying "if you don't like it then you can leave" Obviously I am really stubborn and leave immeadiatly taking all my stuff with me. No one ever apolegises to anyone.But I know were both to blame and say horrible things. She says that she's the mom and I can't say that to her, and my immidiat reaction is that she can say it to me though, im just saying my opinion.

I am never this way at shool, because I keep to myself, and when a teacher tells me to be quite I listen because they're trying to teach, and they never interupt me when im talking.

I don't get why Im like this I really feel like I have some sort of emotional disoder or something because, even when I know it will only cuse more trouble I do it anyway to prove my point.

Help Me please, I need some advise, I want this to stop.
itsyouitsme itsyouitsme
May 22, 2012