With My Hearing..

I have too concentrate super hard and not be nervous when I listen so that I'll hear properly.. On some days I must have been nervous, all I heard is gibberish.. no matter how many times I asked them to repeat.. I couldn't figure out a word!! I've talked to my psychiatrist but he said its nothing to do with schizophrenia.. Its probably part of the nervous syndrome that I have to conquer.. I hate hate hate when it happens! It made me such an idiot!


amejad amejad
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

yeah no problem. the whole medical industry is a farce to help achieve the global population reduction and control the nwo wants. Psychiatry is particularly destructive. I hope you don't go through withdrawls or get bad schitzo symptoms back. I dunno what to say to schitzos who get benefits from these medical atrocities called drugs, other than, placebo effect? I'd be more than happy to help provide you with any more info on the New World Order.

woah.. I don't know what to think anymore.. thanks for the article btw.. I'm stopping my meds soon.

I have a similar problem. I have to get used to a person's voice for a while before I can understand them. Makes new jobs really hard. <br />
about your schitzo, please read this.<br />