Me? Add?

Hello. I am a 40 yr old working professional. I have 2 kids. My youngest was diagnosed with ADD about 7 years ago. I always understood where he was coming from, what his struggles were and what he needed when he was stressed. I always figured I was very empathetic and intuitive. Turns out, I understood because I had been coping without a diagnosis or medications to assist me since I was a child.

There's a bit of anger that I was looked over, but overall, it has made me very string and very adaptable. I have learned a lot of coping strategies that almost kept me from being diagnosed.

In retrospect it makes perfect sense and sure does clear up some of the confusion about good days and bad days.

The medication has made a tremendous difference, and I've just begun. So, finding the right medication and dosage will just take some time and patience.

I'm looking positively at the next chapter of my life.
Kattly Kattly
36-40, F
Sep 23, 2012