Think Positive And Overcome Anything

My life is full of negatives just like everyone elses. 'm 37 years old and I think I blacked out my whole 20's. My parents never taught me about finaces, credit, relationship, or basicallly life in general. Little did I know when I was 30 I'd meet someone named, Lisa, who would change my life forever. I'm a high school dropout who has a love for math and life. I work for a fortune 50 company which I lied on my application years ago and got a break. Now I'm in a situation where they will pay for schooling and change my life. i completed my first step tonight by calling the helpline and wanting to get help and being put on the right track. ON Monday I'll seek conciling and a referall to be put back on the right meds. Theres nothing like feeeling like a disappoint your whole life and then briefly being in meds and being able to concur the world. I feel as if I missed out on majority of my life due to this illness and I will not stand for any longer, niether should you. Take a stand for life an opertunies otherwise they will pass you by. Turn ADD into a blessing instead of a curse and get help. Baby step otherwise you'll become overwhelmed.
chris4191975 chris4191975
Dec 1, 2012