So for the past couple of years, (2011-now) i would go to school and just push through without eating, and by my last year in school I wasn't eating everyday, I could go the day without eating and now I only usually eat twice a day, and my mum is starting to get worried.

When I was younger, I was a chubby, ginger girl with ugly freckles and curly frizzy hair, in a family of tan/darker skinnier people. And I hit that point where I wanted to loose weight and dye my hair black and straighten it. And not be that ugly person.

And I did loose the weight, which I am proud of. Most of it. I still have a small tummy though. That doesn't phase me, it's way smaller than what it was and I always think to myself if I'm not eating, my body will go for that fat in my tummy, so I wouldn't eat. And I still don't. But I thought about why I am doing this still and I think it's more of me wanting to hurt myself. I've had a huge past if self harm(not anymore) so it's easy for me to just say no to food and go without eating, I just really need to start feeling hungry because my energy is so low, and I get tired so easily. Can I do this myself or do I need to see someone? :/

Thanks for reading x
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Sep 2, 2014