My Terapist Said...

i really new to my therapist, and he said i was showing some serious signs of Borderline Personality Disorder and Abandonment Issues... i didnt know what he meant, till he started explaining and it seems i have felt that way, so many times before. i cried (which is weird for me, i dont like to cry in front of strangers). it really scared me how much he knew about how i feel sometimes and how much he knew about what i wanted to do because of what he just told me. it was strange because i always thought i was being pathetic and just couldt handle normal teenage hormones, and now hes telling me that i actually might have it harder than 'most'. i thought it was just depression, but i knew the crazy feelings and urges to tear at my flesh, attempting to relive the pain, hurt, sorrow, and anger,. or to spark some sort of emotion at all. or to just make it all stop. sometimes i just wish for blissful silence in my head, like the wind and the stars, just still and beautiful, but instead its like a battling storm of acid and morphine... id rather sleep out the storm. i may or may not be able to actually connect to any of you. . . but still, if any one wants to try to talk it out with me, i might be able to understand where your coming from.
sunnysmith sunnysmith
18-21, F
May 5, 2012