Who Really Knows?

When you talk about depression most people assume you are causing yourself physical harm. I have come into contact with the severe depression, a few years back I was engaged to a man that had been diagnosed with bi-polar and seasonal depression disorders. I never thought after being with him that I would even think I was depressed. I am now married to a different man and have a nine month old daughter, and believe it or not I think I am depressed. I am at home with my daughter by myself for about 14 hours a day once my husband comes home, we eat dinner, talk and then he spends some time with his daughter and then it's off to bed and we do it over again. I am not causing myself physical harm but I am lonely and I cry for no reason and I just feel empty. So who really knows if it is depression or not...
blackdahilia blackdahilia
26-30, F
May 9, 2012