I Think I'm A Cycling Addict.

About 10 years ago,I took up cycling to get in shape.250 pounds and smoking nearly three packs a day,had to do something.Things went well at ifirst,after I lost the first 70 pounds,and riding did help cut down on the cigs.But after a few years of pushing it,always riding farther,I started getting edgy when I didn't ride.Now I ride 30+ miles,at least four days a week,otherwise,I'm bouncing off the walls and not a pleasant person to be around.I won't go to a doctor for injuries because it might interfere.I recently went through what I think was a torn ligament in the knee.Limping aroung in a lot of pain,knee bandaged,still riding,several friends asked why I wouldn't go to a doctor,and I had to admit it was because a doctor would probably immobilze it and insist I stay off of it until it heals.It took a while,but still healed.It just seems like no matter how much pain I go through,I just can't stay put.
Arginis Arginis
51-55, M
1 Response Oct 18, 2011

I relate totally. I'm an exercise addict too. I don't want to stop. Why should I if it's not a problem to anyone? I'm healthy... I have to workout...and I love it. It's mine and you can't take it from me. It's my ability.