I'm not exactly sure how it goes but it started in 2011. I thought it was just an honest set up. That it will go away,that it'll fade once we're out of each other's sight,but I was wrong. Could it be more than just a call for trial and error in a relationship? Could he be my Twin Flame? Or my False Twin?

It started in mid-Summer,we were in the middle of the review classes for a licensure exam when my friends tried to set me up with one of their recently met friend. I don't know why it was me they thought of,there are more than 300 people in that class,why me? What did I ever do to them? I mean yeah sure I thought it would go away once the exam was over. I was wrong,this guy is a persistent one. He tried to win me over twice now but I never said yes because I know he's a womanizer that I'm just his second pick. So I declined him the first time. I thought he would stop but no,I tried cutting him off from my life but he always comes back,like a yoyo that comes rolling into your hands once you tried to throw it,like there's a string that draws him back to me,which led to a second attempt to win me over. Like the first one,he failed,because it seems that he is just playing with me. I blocked him from my life again and he found his way back. And just recently I declined him. Yes,we have this undeniable connection and attraction but I want to be free of it because I feel that he is insincere with his actions. There are people who keep on telling me he might be the one. That he might be my twin flame. That he might be the chaser and I the runner.
dauntlessK dauntlessK
26-30, F
Aug 31, 2014