my problem from the dig, was i left my guard down and trusted my ex girlfriend a bit too suddenly. anyways, she said before we had sex, i have a disease from sex and sitting on something dirty. at the time i only knew about STD's and Hiv/aids, didn't know anything about STI's. she had pre cancerous cells in her cervix at the age of 18 ( she already got burnt). she swear that it only affect females and her doctor said the same thing, that if i were to have unprotected sex with a different girl i would transfer it to her, but it wont effect me, i beg to differ.

the brown spot is my brith mark it looks like heart.

So it started with 3 small bumps that appeared with a shiny pink look, 2 days later they became flaky. i was worried at this stage. underneath the flaky slightly raised bumps my penis shaft on the side right underneath the glans (im circumcised) was red and a bit swollen. since i ********** more than sex, i believe i had a opening there, and went in raw, and got something that way. my blood test came all negative inculding gential warts, Expect for Herpes 1 and urine test all normal. i live in nyc, im not able to find a derma that does hpv tests on males.

i went to a derma she took a look an said these are early stages of warts, she said this is good you found it at the beginning some people wait 6 months till its hard to fix it. she sent me home with veregen 5grams. i applied as directed, 5 days in i stopped they seem to go away, left a brown spot on the site that healed in 20 days. then i started getting lichen nitidus on my hands both inner and outer, feet, arms, my body was covered with a rash which itched only when they spawned on my skin. i went to a different derma he gave me steroid cream and anti fungal cream, none worked it made it worse i stopped, 2 weeks they all cleared.

those 3 bumps came back in a slightly different spot, applied 1 dose of veregen. worrying the lichen nitidus would happen again. the 3 micro pimple similar to lichen nitidus slowly disappeared. every now and again im getting pimples right where my hair comes out all over my body, sometimes after they heal it would leave a bruise. now i dont know if these systematic things are caused by the hpv virus.

2 months later around 8/15/14 those raised micro pimples appeared slightly in a different place, but about the same localized area. i applied veregen again it seems like its staying the same size or going away. dont want to apply too much of the veregen cause of fear of the side effects it gave me the first time.

i dont feel sick, i feel a bit normal although i think i know i have hpv. i retained myself from having further sex in fears of spreading this interesting infection and since my body is busy fighting this infection i can probably get something worse. just because someone did it to me, i don't forward do it to someone else.

the next time they come back, i think ill leave them alone an see what they grow too. this way ill know for sure. since i caught the infection early, when they do come back they grow till the size i first applied the veregen cream. they never grew to their full potential.
see where it looks like a hair is coming out of that pimple, its not, thats a strain of hair from my tigh.

i was a bit mad, but this is my fault completely i wasn't on my guard i let it go for a bit, and this happens, live an learn. at least i didn't catch hiv that's how i look at it.

i will update if anything changes or any new rashes come. there isn't enough data out there regarding HPV in males, hoping this would contribute to a peace of mind for my fellow Americans.

there is no pain, no itch only if my underwear touches it, the skin around the micro pimples is a bit sensitive. no odder, no pus, no burning while urinating. the bumps on my penis look exactly like lichen niditus. no doctor can tell me for sure. which is a bit disappointing. this is America dude we have the best everything, everybody wants to be an American. im ready to come to any free lancing doctor to study my case as it evolves.

im intuned with my body, im able to speed up my heart rate by standing still, i can slow it down. my imagenation is off the charts. im one with my body, the best doctor is yourself.

Stay safe. Condom style. you just never know women are more grimier than guys, a lesbain told me.

just like married couples the male figure or the female figure could be cheating and he or she catches something then you both have unprotected sex with one an nother cause you guys are married and boom you got something, then you starting thinking about all those times before the marriage, who can it be....

Disease gets anyone, no matter evil or rightoues. when one takes antiboitics it kills the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, no favoring. 

maybe what i have is an irretation still, i never had something come, go away, then come back.
Aaron4blue Aaron4blue
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014