After a long time in the wilderness and fighting depression and money problems i found the most amazing woman.On the first date we spoke for hours and lost all track of time i have never felt so at one with another human being.Just being around her made me feel energized and alive.We had so much in common,she was in the process of a divorce with a husband who had an affair behind her back with her best friend for five years.

She went away for a weekend an met these born again christians who took her to their church and within 48 hours she was wanting her own space and time to find herself ? When she left to go away she was telling me how much she was going to miss me and looking forward to coming back and planning our time together.

We were open and honest which is something she wasn't used too and we were so content.I don't see any way out as they are force feeding her the bible and telling her all sorts of S### She is still vunerable and they are preying on her to get another one into the fold.Maybe she will see what she had but the fact that i am fighting a well oiled machine that just wants converts makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

Should we not have a choice ? Is it right that people use an out of date book written by scholars with the intention of subduing the masses to force outdated ideas on people.I was brought up as a catholic so i know what i am talking about.If i had lost her to another guy that would be terrible but the god squad.

I truthfully feel like suicide !!! I have had a tough few years and this is the icing on the cake for me i don't know where to turn.Why do others get involved in other peoples lives and what gives them the right to question peoples judgements and try an alter their points of view ? Please help me make sense of this please.........

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Interesting comments,however i am not a controlling type and have traveled the world experiencing different cultures and religions.And Barbieworld in answer to your comment i did not think she was brainless in fact she she is very intelligent and certainly didn't need me to make to make her decisions for her.What troubles me is the way certain groups choose to impart their ideology on others without thinking of the consequences !

That's a deep thought, suicidesilent.. real deep, "man".. cowabunga, dude.<br />
<br />
I wonder if you would have said "thumbs up" if she had said she was a Christian? If we Christians are brainwashed, then you are, as well, but just in a different way. <br />
<br />
Peace out.

Well thought comment, though, Asevan.<br />
<br />
Thumbs up to you.

..Watch out for the Chirstians man... they will resent the whole brainwashing thing because... well... they too are brainwashed.

Umm... is this a child or is this a grown woman? Sounds like you thought the woman was brain-less and needed you to give her a brain to tell her what to think. Everyone makes their own choices, and if this woman chooses "religion" as you call it instead of you, then that is her choice. Accept it.