Waking Up Sticky...

I have sex while asleep. I never slept naked before i was with my husband, but we have a rule, no clothes in bed. well there have been a few drunken nights where neither of us remember having sex but we both woke up with sticky crotches. One night, when we were visiting his parents and there was no alcohol involved, I remember waking up very briefly to him kissing me, liking it and going back to sleep, kissing him back. Apparently we had sex after that, and he thought i had woken up from his kisses.(he knows that he has permission to have sex with me pretty much whenever he feels like it so he wouldn't lie). When i had no memory of having sex, we did some research and we think i have sexomnia. I wake him up in the middle of the night at times, playing with his penis or kissing his neck. Other times my advances dont wake him up right away and he will come out of a dream and realize that we are in the spooning position and he is humping away.( i think mens bodies allow for them to accept sexual advances in their sleep, regardless of whether they are sexomniacs or not.) Sometimes he realizes I have chased him across the bed trying to grind my butt into his crotch and if he just puts his penis against my crotch I stop pushing him. My interesting condition isnt really a problem, except for making birth control tricky but it does become more prominant if we have spent time apart. And my poor poor husband had no idea when he married me that he'd be in for surprise blow jobs and quickies during the work day and sexual advances during the night. He often likes to say he married a closet nympho and that if he had known he never would have married me when he did...he would have done it when he met me 2 and a half years prior.

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I need a closet mympho!

What a lucky couple! haha. That doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. ;)

Hey pookiesmom, I have the same "problem" but I'm male. I always wake my wife kissing her with great passion and caressing her all over. I usually wake up when she allows me and I start to really play with her. I usually have like this "automode" thing that I keep on playing even as I'm waiking up, it's strange. I really wonder what would happen if a guy and a girl with sexsomnia slept together! I mean, would they have sex and do all kind of games every night without waiking up??...

Lucky hubby

yes this really does happen for us, but like i said, mostly when i have something to drink(not in a black out cant remember what i did way)

is there really women like this and can i marry one lol