Hi people!

I think I have several types of synesthesia. I only just

found out that it was a thing not everyone has, so I am

still quite new to the idea.

These are the things I experience-

Numbers have colours.
Only numbers 0-9 and 17 have colours. They are (for curious

people) - Zero is black, One is white, Two is a light

greyish sky blue, Three is bright red, Four is yellow-green,

Five is neon yellow, Six is warm medium shade of orange,

Seven is a dark, steely grey-blue, Eight is hot pink, Nine

is dark maroon, 17 is silver grey.

Letters have colours.
A is bright red, B is a muted sky blue, C is dark forest

green, D is light orange, E and F are both warm yellow, G is

grass green, H is black, I is baby blue, J is dark purple, K

is fuchsia, L is teal green, M is navy blue, N is also

yellow, O is white, P is dark lavender, Q is sky blue, R is

watermelon red, S is steel blue, T is dark orange, U is

burgundy, V is lavender, W is burnt sienna, X is sky blue, Y

is gold, Z is black.

Days of the week have colours.
Monday is teal, Tuesday is navy, Wednesday is lavender,

Thursday is maroon, Friday is yellow, Saturday and Sunday

are both orange, but Sunday is a bit lighter.

Months have colours.
January is black, February is light pink, March is brick

red, April is lime green, May is yellow, June is light blue,

July is gold, August is dark aubergine purple, September is

light brown, October is very dark red, November is silver-

grey, December is ice blue.

Musical instruments have colours.
Brass is cyan. Lower brass (like tuba, for example) will be

a darker shade than higher brass (like trumpets). Woodwinds

are green. Same rule applies to woodwinds (lighter colour-->

higher pitch). And strings are sky to royal to navy blue.

Violins and violas are more likely to be sky blue, and

cellos and double basses are darker shades. Harp is gold.

Guitars are orange or brown. Electric is orange, acoustic is

brown. Bass guitars, however, are teal or grey.

Piano/harpsichord is raspberry pink. Keyboard synthesizers

are dark magenta. Percussion is neon yellow. Drums are white

or blue. The whiter the drums, the more electric they sound

(or the other way around).

People have colours.
These colours are sometimes projected (like an "aura"), and

sometimes I can just "feel the colour in the air", if you

get what I mean. My mother is raspberry pink, I am teal, my

older brother is dark purple, my younger brother is grass

green, and my best friend is fuchsia.

Words have coloured subtitles.
I think this a type of synesthesia, but correct me if I'm

wrong! Whenever someone speaks, I see their words like

subtitles on a movie, but in their colour. For example, my

words are teal, because that is my colour, but my mother's

words are raspberry pink.

Sounds have colours.
For example - humming is orange, buzzing is bright yellow,

loud bangs are red, creaking doors is pine-needle green,

tapping is orange (but darker than humming), clapping is

watermelon red, and trickling is dark blue.

Certain colours have distinct flavours.
Ivory tastes like dessicated coconut, raspberry pink tastes

like strawberries (don't ask), mint green tastes like mint

ice cream, white tastes like ice, very, very pale cyan

tastes like salt, very, very pale green tastes like cucmber,

and very, very pale red tastes like watermelon (which is why

I call it watermelon red). (Other colours sometimes have smells too: eg. very dark brown smells like coffee, light brown smells like cinnamon, and light green smells like apple peel)

Musical instruments have textures.
In this case, I can feel them on my skin. Acoustic guitar feels like hair, electric guitar feels like sandpaper, harp feels like brushed metal, piano usually feels like cold water, auto-tuned voice feels like plastic, natural voice feels like silky fabric.

Names have flavours.
Rihanna tastes like orange juice, Connor tastes like grapes, Jennie tastes like sugar, Olivia tastes like wood sorrell (apple peel, basically), Bob tastes like wood, and Sophie tastes like ash. Oh, and Ariana tastes like blood.

Numbers have gender and personalities.
But I can't be bothered writing them all down directly right now! I might do later, though. I'll just say gender now - 0, 2, 4, 6, and 9 are male; 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 are female.

I also have mirror touch, which means I feel things that are happening to other people.

Well, that's about all. If you want any more details, please just ask.

OceanButterfly OceanButterfly
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2014