Need to Move to Get Over Him

Well I am currently hearbroken, i could even handle it if it weren't that he fell in love with someone else and is going out with her after 2 years with me and breaking up 2 months ago! also next year, my senior year i will have every single class with them! Its bad enough to seem them now in the classes I have. I know i could move on if I didn't see atleast one of them, but also they hang out with my group of friends! I honestly can't handle it, so i figured I only have a year left so why not move to another school I could still keep in contact with my friends and I KNOW if i go a whole year seeing him it will only reassure me how much I love him and I can't go crying over him whenever I see them togheter even if it is december. I can't put myself through that. So I think I am going to move to a different school. I know my friends won't understand but It hurts too much to see them. Any advice, am I doing the right thing?
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2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

i think The5Cs is right. give yourself some time to think about what you really want - to move away or maybe make him realise he really misses seeing you? i could b wrong, mind. i think that myabe this could be one of those times that "makes you stronger" when you refuse to let it break you. hope you figure it out.

Dont do anything too extreme...Find yourself another man that will make you feel like a woman again!