I Know I Do

I don't think I intimidate men, I know I do.

I am an extremely self-confident, well-educated, beautiful, professional, black woman.

I'm not trying to discover myself. I know myself very well. I've been me and lived with me all of my life. This is not cocky arrogance. This is self-knowledge.

I know what I can do and what I can't. Or more importantly, what is not best suited for me.

Honestly, you CAN do anything you want to do but, if you have physical or mental limitations then there might be some things that are not suited for you.

Because of my past and current successes in business and in life, I have intimidated men.

I certainly don't concern myself with the insecurities of men. That is their problem, not mine.
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I completely agree, I don't get why we have to spend our lives coddling the male ego like a toddler that is ******* on my skirt needing a breast to suckle.

I know I intimidate men for some of the same reasons. I didn't used to be confident and independent, but I certainly am now. The only difference is that I still tend to get sucked into some men's drama when they attack me and accuse me of things that aren't true, and say things that I know are incorrect. I often refuse to back down when I know that what they are saying isn't right. I can be pretty stubborn in that respect, and often when the gloves come off the truth hurts (at least for them).

I too work with children, usually as a "bouncer" of sorts, in such areas as Wednesday night church functions. When I show up, the kids (especially the girls) all but tackle me with their hugs. It's because I accept them for who and what they are: Persons with their own intrinsic value and dignity, but with room to grow into more than what they are; consequently I challenge them when they misbehave, by pulling them up, as it were, rather than just jumping on their case. <br />
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At the same time, there are a few adults who are intimidated by me, because I have little patience for adults who refuse to learn how to think critically, and call them on it.

You are a very inspiring woman.

Thank you.

You know I have always liked your strength. That is one of the things about you that I love.

Thank you.

I, also, work with children, though not as much as adults with childhood issues. Children come up to me all the time. I think it surprises their parents when children walk up to me in a store and just start talking to me. I think it is because I wear colorful clothing and ornamental earrings and decorative clips in my hair. Men are intimidated because they hear from others or from reading my vitae the work I have done. I have accomplished a lot in a very short period of time. I love my work because I don't see it as work.

My guess is that the future holds much more success.

Confident women don't intimidate me, I've been married to one for 40+ years.

I have a question, as far as Intimidating Men folk and the like, is it something you notice right away or is it something that you bring up? Not to say your stepping out of your way and pointing at some fella and saying "KNEEL MAN-BEAST, MY WORD IS THAT OF ATHENA!"<br />
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But is it small things you notices as far as what makes them really nervous or just be grunting jealousy?

I am not responsible for anybody's behavior or reaction to my presence or what I do. I don't go out of my way to intimidate men. Men have pointed out to me that they have felt threatened because of my ability to do things well and my confidence to do them.

Wow, love your confidence!! Maybe if I read more of your stories it will rub off onto me. hee...hee...

You have confidence within you. Tap into yourself to discover where you have hidden it. It is there.

Great post!

Thank you, Fungirl.

You intimidated the **** out of me - just for a while!

***smiles knowingly***

Nothing more exciting than a lady who knows what she wants and has had the gumption to go and get it..............Madame - you rock!

Thank you, Sir.

I could have guessed that this would be your first story. I know you own the ground you walk on. Bows to you Doctor.