When It Comes To A Relationship

I'm a lesbian Asian (not a chinese).I think I know what I want.No,I know what I want when it comes to a relationship.We all have our own needs.We all have someone who is destined to ourselves.When I meet that girl/woman.I'm going to treat her a princess.Like what she totally deserved as a woman.My greatest gift would be my love.I'd like to have a partner who is not easily give up.I'm a fighter.And I'll fight for love when deep down,I know it is worth it.I'm going to call her,juliet or princessa.I want to take my relationship slow.Not that slow.I'm 18 years old so there is so much that I have to do like going to college then get a job.Although,the relationship will be smoothly slow but I'll never let it slip away.If she completely agree with me then I have nothing else to search when it comes to a partner.She'll always be the girl who get my flower on every Wednesday.If we are living together then I'll help her do the chores no matter how tired I am.If she did something wrong and she's not going to apologize for it then I'll be the one to say I'm sorry and hug her.If she get sad,I'll be the listener instead of judging her and hold her hand.If she need me,I'll find time to meet her and help her without a question.If she is having a bad day and me too then I'll make her a hot chocolate while listen to her or cuddling with her and listen to her reason why she have a bad day.I want her to be the first one who I see in the morning and the last one,right before I go to sleep.I'll always tell her "I LOVE YOU".

I'll always give her a gift when its our yearly anniversary day.I'm not a big fan of expensive gift.It is not that valuable since I'm not a material person.But she will have a very hopeless romantic lover.She will have my respect.She will have my loyalty.I'll love her without a single condition.I will never lay my eyes on any other woman since she have my heart.I used to be in a relationship where I usually scold my girlfriend (I cant control my anger in that time).This time,I'll try harder to not raising my voice.Now,that's what I want.Someone to love.To hug.To kiss.To cool me down.To keep standing,living my life as she's one of the reasons.That partner will be my WIFE.And I'll proudly call her as my WIFE or The love of my life in front of a group of people or friends or family.I know what I want but seems like I have to wait for a little bit longer.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

i feel that way too but i bi and i want a good girl friend all these guys break my heart every time i try to be happy with them they tear me down ill be that girl for you and ill try my best to be the one you want i willing to give love another chance just one more cause i hate heart break chat with me if you still looking <3

Aww, that's sweet, I hope you find your lady. Be careful about putting every girl on a pedestal though, make sure the girl feels just as strong about you as you feel about her or she'll just end up using/hurting you.