I Can't Tell

I can't tell whether I lack empathy or have more of it than others.

There's a lot of stuff I am hurt by but others can just pass by as an unchangeable part of the world... and there are some things I really can't make myself care about...

I think I'm sick of the things everybody talks about but no one changes... so I'm both bored of hearing it on the news and angry about it... but I'm so bored of hearing it I feel like just saying "I don't care"... like I really don't feel affected by the recent college thing, intellectually I care, but I'm not having any emotional reaction... and I do get angry about things that no one really gives a **** about and thinks its just a normal part of the world... and that can sometimes give me the feeling like I'm the only one who has empathy and others don't...

deadteddybear deadteddybear
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 25, 2007

I know what you mean to a degree. I work in a doc's office full of destitute patients. I'm sympathetic to their probs. ( financial, medical probs., abuses, family dealings). But I hear it all day. I want to scream at them, " Like I don't have problems??!! I'm financially up a poop creek without a paddle trying to float a family of 4 with no mental or physical support from the other 3! Man, I got my gas turned off yesterday for timely payment failure!" ROFL! But ya know, those patients don't care cause they're too wrapped up in their own probs. Ireally love when they tell me they're on a "fixed income". HELLO! EVERYONE is on a fixed income! Idon't care if it's a monthly state check, or weekly paycheck, the bills and family finance responsibilities are still there! I DO feel sorry for peoples' situations. Truely. But I hate when someone acts like they are the only person being picked on in life. Ironically, these types are the ones that are more rude and obnoxious to OTHER PEOPLE!! SHARING our problems are theraputic and sometimes another person can even physically help us. But we need to remember in the end we have to deal with our own problems, and quit blaming others or trying to rest the responsibility on someone else.