My Fantasy

Whilst I hope that I would never engage in this behaviour in reality, I have a very dirty fantasy.

I fantasise about being kept as a mature man's fuckpet, a dogbitch made to do whatever he tells me, no matter how kinky he wants to be.  I would be kept on all fours on collar and leash.  He would be responsible for looking after me, providing me with food, water and shelter, but if he wanted to keep me in a kennel and feed me from a bowl that would be ok.  He would let whoever he wanted **** and use me for his pleasure.  Treating me like a toilet **** he would degrade and humiliate me, make me worship him and do whatever he told me or I would be punished.

Serious self esteem issues I think.

loopy210 loopy210
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

i totally feel the same!