She's From The Uk

being from north Carolina. I've never liked anyone from oversea's. NOW....i have talked to people from oversea's. and they were some just lame guys. and what not. but i remember i was lying in my bed and i just woke up. and my phone buzzed and was a email she has sent me from yahoo answers. and she said she had seen my questions and was concerned and thought maybe she could help. the questions were about my sexuality since i was confused. and in my questions ..i said that it was a phase and i'm straight but i really don't. i was over analyzing everything and freaking out. and she was concerned. and in her email she said "what if it's not a phase? what if you're bisexual?" and a lot of people who had answered my questions said to just go with the flow...and i didn't listen to them at all. i still was over analyzing and all that other ****. but when she emailed me .....and i really just calmed down. i'm still calm. i'm finally going with the flow. but as we started talking more. i learned she's very smart. she lives in a village. and a bunch of other stuff. i don't know what she looks like. the only description i have of that she has black wavy hair. that's it. and she's moving to america because she's graduating early. she going to live in California. and i'm worried because i can't like her. i can't.....she's from the UK ....and i'm here. if i end up really liking her. it's going to kill me. i always wonder what she's doing. if she's okay. hope she's doing well.  but the one thing that's on my mind her. i talk to other people from online and i don't even want to talk to them. i'm just wondering what she looks like. she's really sweet. and she's definitely not fake. she doesn't really talk about sexual stuff. she usually talks to me about school and life where she lives. i love talking to her. i'm trying not to get attached. i am. i'm trying to actually distract myself. it's not working out so well. i don't know all i know is out of all the people i talk to online. she's the one that sticks out to me the most. even if i don't know what she looks like. me and her are the same age. 16 ....and that's the sad thing. being 16 and liking someone from oversea's. but i know. being a relationship with someone is even harder. 
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Hallo. How it went out for you? Hope you are fine and found happyness for yourself. :)