So Theres This Boy...

Now don't laugh, but I met him over myspace.

We've been talking for months now, and I always thought he was a really nice, funny guy.

About a week before valentines day he posted a bulletin asking what he should get his girlfriend for valentines day, I gave him some advice as to which flowers to get and everything. At the time I thought he was so sweet because of all the effort he was going to. He'd written her a poem, was buying her flowers and about £30s worth of other little bits and bobs.

So of course, she goes and does the usual thing of breaking up with him just before valentines day. I felt really bad for him knowing all the effort he'd gone into - especially since they'd been going out for 3 years. Since then, we've been talking loads and I reckon I might actually have feelings for him. Bit dodgy, I know, but I really think I do.

This is driving me crazy, because I usually moan about the amount of teenagers that get together over myspace. It's actually ridiculous how many people you see that randomly add people because they think they're 'hot' and then try and hook up with eachother. I'm not looking for something like that, but even so I can't help feeling a bit stupid for feeling this way about someone I've never even met.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2007

Friends of mine who stayed in two different towns originally met through a mutual friend ( my boyfriend) on face book, they had never met but once they started chatting they couldnt stop they knew they were made for each other and went to great lengths to meet and have a relationship, him quitting his job ,moving towns, starting a new career, they are now getting married, seriously I have never met any 2 ppl better suited to each other... the internet is a wonderful thing...look I can even share this with you...and funny thing is Bridget* is one of my best friends....her man has been friends with my man since they were 3.. so he is best man, and Im bridesmaid and my daughter is flower girl...awesome stuff!

Hmmm, not enough info. Like does he live somewhat near you? Both of you should make up this survey together to see what you want to know about each other and post it at the same time so you can't switch. Questions like what you want in life, do you want kids, and other personal questions like that. If you want to be with each other then you should not be afraid to get personal. Don't get too attached yet and set your expectations low.