Missing Her

I met her just through flirting - and have chatted online for hours since we first met - several hours each night.  I never thought it was possible to have loving feelings you had not yet met, and I now know that I have those feelings.  I know she likes me too, but we are in different countries.   There is this guy she had sex with who she did it with on an impulse - she doesnt really like him, but when saw him again he kissed her and could not refuse - I know she doesnt like him, but its seems she cannot resist - a fatal attraction.  She says I will never understand, but then tells me its convenience.  She doesnt really like him as a person, but will be hanging out with him today, and last night might have stayed at his house - maybe thats why I didnt get to chat to her - the first time in a while.  Why do I assume the worst?  If it was just sex or cyber sex I wantedd from her I dont think I would be bothered,  but this guy is getting something I know I cannot give her due to our location - and it almost makes it worse that she doesnt like him as I know she likes me.  Its so hard.

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Yes I do not have any...

Ooooh feeling like you have no control, not being there when he IS, not a nice position to be in. Be strong dont take lies, and good luck!

She does want to meet too which is good. Although I wont be able to stay too long as I wont be able to get a visa and we are not ready to marry yet. I guess I will just have to accept it and feel the pain of what she is doing and me not being there until I am.

She may be in need of something which definitely you cant give because your miles away. Try to understand her and if you really love her, do something to come and get her.

I am hopefully soon. I just hope that she will not have fallen for someone else by then..

Why don't you visit her?