Please be aware that while not explicit, this post does deal with sex.  I chose to not tick the 18+ box because there are probably a good number of younger women who would do well to read this experience. 

I'm not the kind of gal who gets flirted with all the time, so when an acquaintance started chatting me up recently, I was stunned.  And I fell for his lines.  He made outrageous compliments and promises...even said he'd clean up my messy apartment!  After minimal resistance on my part, we wound up in my bed.  I'm not one for casual sex; in this case M had the element of surprise working for him.  He's not the type I generally find attractive, and while I enjoyed that afternoon a great deal, it was purely physical. 

When he failed to appear the next day as promised, I shrugged and went on with my life.  When another couple days passed with no sign of him, I decided his interest was a brief aberration.  I was mildly annoyed with myself for believing the promises, but overall accepted that afternoon at face value:  a tumble in the sheets that wasn't likely to be repeated.

To my shock, M showed up here late tonight.  He was a bit drunk and mopey...and gropey.  But I'd had a few days to think and decide what I wanted to do, how I wanted to handle the situation.  He took me by surprise once, and I had no intention of letting it happen again.  (I suppose this is a good place to point out that I'm 6' tall and easily twice M's size.  Should push come to shove, I could snap him in two!)  He pushed and nudged and tried to cross lines I decided upon...right until I showed him the door.

But I'm confused. 

Like anyone, I enjoyed his compliments, his attention.  And to be blunt, I've been celibate for a very long time.  It felt good to have a man's hands upon me again.  I'm just concerned that M is a bit like a vampire-- once invited in, nearly impossible to evict!  And joking aside, I'm a bit worried that I may have made a mistake, opened myself to a world of hurt.

I am so blasted confused.
MossAgate MossAgate
31-35, F
Jul 13, 2010