The other day I found a friend from back in the day I went to high school with and went ahead and said hi on Facebook. Before I knew it all these high school people started befriending me and sending notes. I was not one of these people that enjoyed high school and was not "popular" so I find it somewhat weird that now 20 years later they want to "chat"



I guess it is a little too l;ate to undo this flood

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Maybe they all peaked in HS and you're in your prime now and they've got nothing but envy :)

LOL love that idea

Good freaking idea.

Put out a blanket thing that if someone from your high school tries to contact you then you will sue them for harassment... I did and haven't heard form them since...

I'm a firm believer if I wasn't worth someone's time in high school, then they don't get my time now. It might be shallow, but hey, they were too.