Bi True Story

I went to a swing party with my best friend and his wife. She is a hot looking blond great **** great *** and a sweet *****. Well everyone at the party was with someone but me. So while everyone was having fun I just took over the cooking on the grill. As time went on I would walk around and see all the nude ******* and sucking going on. 

  My best friend and his wife were with a couple and they were having all kinds of fun. I went over and set down with a big hard on and just watched all that was going on. After a while my best friends wife came over and set next to me. She was a little drunk as well as i was but she as me to do her a fever. I told her Amy what ever you want you no I will do it for you. She said I no this that is way I love you; you have never lat me down. 

  She said you like seeing me with other women don't you. I said you are dam right way do you ask? Well I have always wanted to see to men doing it. I told her I don't no if I can do that or not, and if I did I would have to like you he is. She told me that that young man over there he is only 21 and he is gay. And he does not like women but told me he things you are attractive. Then she told me if I would do this for her I could do what ever I wanted to her. 

  I told her no one but her could watch; she agreed. So she went over and got the young man and the three of us went into the house and down to a bed room in the basement. Now that the young men was close he did look ok for a guy. He told me to just relax and enjoy if I wanted to stop we would. Well Amy set down in a chair she was buck *** naked. The young guy started rubbing my ****. I could not believe it but my **** was getting hard and it felt pretty good. Then Amy said play with his ****, and I did. I looked over to see Amy playing with her ***** and rubbing her big ****. Dam his **** was hard and big and it felt nice. He then got down on his knees and started sucking on my ****. And dam that felt great he did it nice and slow. Then he stood up and suck on my **** that felt good also. Amy said come on Rick suck his **** for me honey. I got down on my knees and slid his big **** into my mouth. 

  I was enjoying sucking on his big **** and playing with his balls. Then we both got onto the bed and did 69. I was able to look at Amy you was finger **** herself like crazy. She then stop and got up and walk over to the bed so she could see real close. Suck that **** Rick suck it good honey. Then Amy ask us to stop ;I said what is wrong honey; Amy said I want you to stick your hard **** in his ***. She said I will suck your **** and get it nice and wet. This she did and then I slid my wet **** into his hairy *** hole real nice and slow.

   Amy set there and whispered real sexy and soft **** his *** Rick **** his *** for me. I have to say it felt good sliding in and out of his ***. Then I told Amy I was getting ready to come. She told me to come on his *** and that is just what I did. Then she laid down on the bed lags wide apart and told me to eat her wet *****. As I was doing that the young guy left and Amy and I were there alone. She told there is one more thing she wanted to do ; I said why not. She open her had bag and pull out a strap on. She told me she has always wanted to **** a guy in the ***. I told her please if I ask you to stop please do so. Amy put cream in my crack and slid the ***** into my ***. After she had it in my *** it did not feel all that bad. She started to **** my hairy *** hole nice and slow. She told me to jack myself off while she was ******* me.

  In a while I told her I was going to come; Amy pull out of my *** and put my **** into her mouth. She suck every drop of come out of my ****. Amy thank me and told me this my stay between her and I. From that day on Amy and I are closer then we have ever been before. She said you are the only guy to full fill my greatest dream.
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Dec 6, 2012