Why Me?

why me ? im always asking my self that question, why me , why i fall in love and can't be with the person that i love , 4 years waiting , 4 years loving , 4 years my heart beating so fast, but all my dreams goes away, i applied for the visa to joind my love but they denied me for the second time, it was like a dagger in me, why there are borders and ******* visas betwin countries, im down , im out , and lonly , do not know what i can do , i wanna live with the person that i love , but without him i wish t die, im empty a part of me is far of me , can not sleep or eat , just thinking and thinking , at least i wanan say why did i fall in love ,i hate my life with everyday from it,
nasro1985 nasro1985
26-30, M
Sep 22, 2012