I Was Caught

I was caught by my mom when I was in the bathroom. I bought six pregnancy test today. Because my Lil sister asked if I started yet. So while I was trying to do a test my mom came in and asked what the hell I was trying to do. I wasn't able to finish the test to find out cause she hasn't stopped yelling at me since. Now she's made me a doctors appointment. Which is tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to the visit. And I'm hoping it's just a false Alarm.
badgirlbee badgirlbee
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i hope it turns out the way YOU want it to hun...no matter what way that is!

And the results...?

Lol I'm 18 months pregnant with twins

I hope you're not 18 months !!! - you would new the size of an elephant !!!!

You would bee the size of an elephant - silly spell checker

LOL. Send me a picture of that sexy baby belly!

Lol I meant weeks lol I'm Crazy. I didn't see that mistake. Sorry deecubed I don't share photos of myself.

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The Pill sounds good idea for u
Life's fun grab all fun u can
Life's long journey enjoy to end
Stay safe .

I hope you've not been a naughty girl
Oh - I see from the rest of the answers- you have been a naughty bareback girl
Oh - that is very naughty of you
You like the feel of ***** - oh - that is so naughty- Mmmmmh

Lol Yeah