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I expect way too much from everyone.  Everything.  I know I'm not perfect but I try not to be stupid.  There are so many damn idiots out there.  I have no faith in society as a whole.  It makes me sad sometimes when Im out in public and I see someone doing something stupid, and its just one incident after another.  People are too wrapped up in themselves to look at whats going on around them.  If they did, maybe they'd be a little more polite!  People would get along better.  Is it really too much to ask for people not to be stupid?

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Thank you :)

I really enjoyed the message left by the writer and all the comments left by her commentators. Thank you all. I quite agree to you all.

Oh man Im totally disgusted by 99.9% of the world. People have no respect for each other, they are so wrapped up in themselves they dont take a step back and take in the whole picture, they are stupid, and it always makes me want to punch things when people who are perfectly capable of posessing common sense but dont use it. I get mad at myself when I dont stupid little mistakes. Eh at least I can admit to it though.

no its not. I mean little stupid stuff like standing in the middle of an aisle when theres people trying to get thru. ya know things like that, where I think, couldnt they just be a bit more curteous? lol, I sometimes judge too harshly though.

Well you have to see that as being their problem and now yours. If you allow people to project their crap on to you, well , you will be walking around with a bag full of everyone else'scrap on your own shoulders. That bag will get pretty heavy after a while, i assure you. That is no way o go through life though is it?

I like being nice to strangers until they do something stupid lol. but really I love to interact with people specially if we click about something random and funny. It makes me happy when people are nice but ya know people sometimes just wear a chip on their sleeve all the time :( So I get it :)

Well you just commented on my confession, or lack thereof, and no it has nothing to do with tuna. Per your story... it is so damn easy to be nice. i actually can get a little high sometimes on just being nice to misc everyones... waitresses, cops.. the entire thing. I can be a tough guy too sometimes, but i am truly havingthe best times when I am nice to strangers. i think you get it right?

Good, cuz Im worried it is! :)<br />
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