I Don't Really Know.

I'm not sure I even have this disorder, but occasionally I would talk to myself and uptake different personalities. I would talk to myself to make up for what was never there, and it soon became a habit. Eventually, these imaginary friends became personalities, they became who I am.
From what I know, it started when I moved to Calgary. I had ****** private schools where I started using one of the personalities I had adopted. I moved to another school and took another personality, and again with another. Then I moved back to my hometown, where talking to myself was a daily necessity. During these changes I became more forgetful, my past became a giant haze. Except I can never forget painful or embarrassing memories from my past; for some reason I could never forget, or they would resurface. I became scared of things that I used to be fond of for no apparent reason. My body occasionally stings doing nothing. My beliefs began to change, before I was heavily religious, but became an atheist; but now I'm an Agnostic. These events became to heavily affect me, but I didn't want to affect people around me, so I act depressed when no one is around.

I realize from the past to today, I have changed a lot. I used to be innocent, I had no care in the world; just to live in it. Now I question everything I know, and that I am. Because of this, I think I have dissociative identity disorder. Now, I don't even know who I am.
BlueSong BlueSong
Aug 20, 2011