Did Is Very Similar To My "symptoms" But Not Exact

i know nobody can diagnose me or anything, but i'm trying to figure out what's going on with me. if anybody can help me out with this or tell me if there's some other disorder that better fits me that i could look into, it'd be much appreciated.

from reading some stuff about DID, here's my comparison to the general symptoms. i've never gone through any super traumatic events like physical abuse. i don't have any abnormal gaps in my memory from my childhood or anything. most of the stories i've seen about this, the person has a rather large amount of "alters." i've seen anywhere from 10 to 25 other personalities. i only have 3.

i've been diagnosed with bipolar type II because of mood swings. i felt it was a fitting diagnosis since there were only 2 alters when i was diagnosed. Jinx and Rue (both female, like me). i simplified it to being Jinx was my manic state and Rue was my depressive state. but it wasn't just my mood really. Jinx especially had a completely different mindset than me. then Gabriel (male) came along and really threw off the BP diagnosis.

each of them has very distinctive traits. each has their own vice, taste in music, way of dealing with situations/people, and even their own speech pattern. they all talk and sound different in my head.

i, the original me, am most like Rue. she's the one i switch out with most frequently so nobody really sees much difference when i'm her. but in certain situations when Jinx comes out, my friends have always said i acted weird. this past year, i told 2 of my closest friends about Jinx and Rue. in no time at all, they could tell the difference between me and Jinx. she actually introduced herself to one of them, and they would call her by name when they knew she had taken over.

anyway, the point is: i don't have any blank spots from my childhood, i've never been physically abused or raped or anything like that, but these personalities are very real to me. they talk to me in my head and they talk for me in different situations. i feel crazy because they're SO real to me. but i don't have the trauma and memory loss symptoms. i don't know what to consider them and it bothers me. are they just hallucinations or...??
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yeah. dissociative identity disorder used to be called multiple personality disorder. and i've been on bipolar medication for a while now but they're still there. i was severely bullied at school and a lot of stuff was going on at home my freshmen year of high school. they actually showed up towards the end of that year now that i think about it. it was a really rough year for me, but there was never anything like abuse or rape. would that still be considered traumatic? my last therapist said i might just be compartmentalizing different segments of my personality. i guess i could see that, but Rue is really the only one that thinks like me. the other two aren't much like me at all.

Well it is interesting, I went through the same thing I got bullied while my parents were getting a divorce and it was pretty traumatic so I started making up invisible friends and I got to a point where I got so overboard with my new friends my actual friends at school started noticing my acting different except it was never like multiple personalities. I would say being bullied can be traumatic but it depends on the person who's being bullied and how bad the bullying is.

I've heard about this, I believe this is called something like "Multiple Personalities Disorder" I heard stories about a girl who was raped by her father or abused in some way so she made another personality to deal with it instead of her but the other personality ended up killing herself. Multiple Personalities can be dangerous but only in some circumstances I believe. I am not an expert but my mum was diagnosed with Bipolar due to her mood swings and she was massively bullied when she was young and she also got no love from her parents or support from her sisters. Sometimes when my mum was doing house work she would listen to music and be super cheery, then when she is drunk she would be super depressed or angry but I don't think she had any other personalities. It's doubtful that it's hallucinations It's probably just how your mind works or something. I'm not sure why you would have multiple personalities if you hadn't been in any traumatic situations so I would say it is bipolar. Luckily there is medication to stop bipolar.