Yay Doctors!

one of the few people who like to go to the doctors, the only real reason is because our father (someone who in which we trust much more than our mother) suggested we could tell our doctor ANY problems.

I insist on taking this opportunity by the throat and using it to my full abilities.
So, in one day, we will have an early trip to a new pediatrician, where we can explain problems, that of which "concern" our mental health. So that she can hopefully refer us to a therapist!

since our mother refuses to believe any single word we say, and our father somehow is smothered by her. This is at the time, our only opportunity, until our next whatever appointment.

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We hear, and we understand. Same problem, different day. But don't worry, somebody will listen to us :).

yeah, if only our lovely mother wasn't standing at our shoulder preventing us from telling the truth.


Dads at school and he doesn't want us talking right now, but he can deal with it, we've got **** to say!

just be careful. I finally got a crazy doctor and she couldn't help us, she wasn't qualified, and we weren't really telling her anything, you know? cause it's kind of strange, and terrifying, like if you let something escape you'll be sent off and committed.

Yeah **** scares us, but we try to remain calm :)

yeah, I understand. I just hope you get the help we never had.

Wow sorry Albert sweats a LOT

Actually I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one....lol...I hope y'all find that funny as I did :)

My therapist is awesome lol, I guess I'm one of the happy few, I'm more scared of other people trying to lock us up. We mean no harm....******* dicks

Sorry, I'd be more upbeat, but I'm a bit off today, something really bad happened last night and it's kind of bugging me.

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