I Choose Me

My ex boyfriend and I have been in on again off again type of relationship. My self-esteem issues are once again affecting my dating life. After breaking up with my ex several times he decided he had enough. I broke up with him recently, he was lonely and we ended up sleeping together. He later told me that he realize that he did not want to be with me anymore, we both assumed that we were back together. In the back of my mind I was thinking that I did not want to be together. Just because people have sex it does not mean they should be a couple. I decided I would not date for a while. working on loving myself unconditionally comes first.I told him how I felt, the break up was mutual. My self-esteem issues are due to the fact that I think I have some type of learning disability. It seems to be affecting every area of my life. I was tested for LD but the results were inconclusive.
radiantsky radiantsky
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2013