I'm Drowning...

You know when you really want something it seems that is all you will see until you get it??? I'm having that problem right now. Everyday at work all I see is happy mothers with their children. Much less every other customer is pregnant or has a newborn some even have twins. All I want is a baby. Just one. I keep thinking if I'm patient it will happen but it isn't working. I research different vitamins and different tests but that isn't helping. I'm ready for my own little bundle of joy. I'm ready to see my soldier be the amazing father that I know he'll be. I'm even yearning for the big belly and stretch marks. But I feel as though that'll will never happen for me. I'm thinking about seeing if there are any test my doctor can run to see if I am able to conceive. I'm just scared the answer will be no.
brittany3535 brittany3535
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

A good OB GYN can run all kinds of tests. My wife and I were having problems conceiving our second child and he did tests of hormone levels and how well my swimmers were swimming. In the end, we conceived. And then an unplanned third pregnancy. So just find a good doctor. Ask around.

Go see the doctor and even if they say its impossible don't give up!!!!

You know what...I know a girl that was in your predicament. Doctors said she couldn't have children. She's got two now. So...keep the faith...and practicing. They didn't stop and they have two wonderful boys!