I Know She Is Out There But........

I'm not particularly worried about it but as I get older I realize that there is a very real possibility that my soulmate and I might just miss each other this time around.   I have been in a good marriage before, had a variety of girlfriends, some wonderful, a lot of them a bit mad, but nowhere did I get close to finding my soulmate yet.  On the upside this means I have something to look forward to, and there is someone special out there that it looking for me too.............

On the downside we might not find each other and I'll end up having to get a whole bunch of cats to keep me company when I'm older.  Which isn't really much of a downside I guess.

I don't envy people who have found their soulmates , I admire them and wish them all the best.   Perhaps some of us were just designed not to be with a soulmate...........  i hope thats not the case but it might be true.........

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I seem to attract the nutters.... like attracts like I guess......... love your avatar ElLargrto !

Chin up, old bean, it took me 59 years. -- Love the bit about "some were quite mad" - I used to attract that sort.

Sounds fine to me !


Yeah. This "soulmate" business is bogus. Our soul's do not mate. Our soul's are limitless, have no boundries and get it on with whoever they darn well please. Spiritually speaking, that is.

Yes Zippy, a healthy relationship requires embracing each other's differences. It took me 20 years of marriage to figure that out ! But I'm glad I finally did.

I guess "soulmate" is a lovely sounding word but does it really fit in practically with what's going on in one's life. I also think healthy relationships are where people keep a part of themselves to themselves and don't share every single facet of their lives with somebody, I think that is a healthy way to be, but perhaps if I found a soulmate I'd drop that theory in a New York Minute !!

I'm not so sure about this "soulmate" business. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a cynic, I believe in love. But I also believe relationships take work. And maybe the one you love can eventually become your soulmate.

Thanks AK. I'm having a pretty good go of things but I'd love someone else to be experiencing all the fun and good times that I'm having.<br />
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And yeah, it mind be chaotic being me, and kinda a shambles being me but I loves it !<br />
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You’ll found her. If not in this lifetime defiantly the next. Meanwhile enjoy the small things in life and most of all enjoy you. <br />
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Cheesy but all I have. :-)<br />
Best of Luck