i seemed to be getting turned on by the thought of women, but i get turned on by my boyfriend too but just not as much.


im not close to many people anymore so cant talk to anyone.

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Alienteardrop is right -- try a ********* or something first. Don't dump anyone just because you MIGHT be bi or gay!

Maybe you could talk to your bf about trying a 3 some then it wouldn't be cheating and you would be able to see if it was something you would want to peruse or not.

I know how you feel I've been having the same thoughts lately .What's scary is I wonder where it will lead?

These people are right, my ex was bi that was just fine till she decided that she should explore it with out discussion, she was surprised I wasn't happy. couldn't understand that sex with another person is an affair, man or woman.<br />
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Do yourself a favour and sort out what you want, you can;t do it inside a relationship its not real. leave your man, take stock and decide what you want.<br />
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There was a time when I would have said bi means double choice, but it doesn;t its just confusion while you decide what you want. You must free yourself so that you can make a true choice without feeling guitly about the boyfriend or anyone else. If you are bi or gay one day it will come out. better know then when you have a family who will pay the price of your indecision.

Yup...time will definitely see the resolution of this issue. If you don't wanna dump or cheat on your bf, then you're gonna have to wait it out.

Yeah. I wasn't suggesting that you leave him just to find out, or at all for that matter. Now was I suggesting cheating on him. What I was saying, is you should find out for yourself. But wait to do it when you are single. If you are not to be single again - Then all you can do is talk to your boyfriend about it, and see what he thinks. It won't be the most comfortable conversation in the world, but it should help.<br />
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I should know. My girlfriend is bi, and we have been together now, going on our fourth year. :P

thanks, but its more complex i dont want to dump by boyfriend just to find out its not right but i dont want to cheat on him. i love him ive been with him for 2 years and we live together.

Sounds like a possibility for you to explore. There is only one way to find out after all, and that is by trying it out. But do yourself a favor - Be single first. I may not have to tell you that, but it never hurts to be sure.<br />
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Hope you figure yourself out. :D