Today i think i'm having a depression mood swing.

I have this summer assignment that i basically have to get done in 1 day or else i have go to the lake with my step-mom where i have to sit and do nothing but homework all week long.

If i can finish it today, reading and writing, all ready to be typed up, i can go back with my dad and get to spend more time with him since he works alot.

The only thing is that i can go to the lake with my whole family today and although i really want to.....

i feel like i HAVE to stay here.... so that i domt have to spend an agonizing week out there alone with my stepmom.

The other problem i have is that no matter how much i want to read my book, no matter how interesting i think it will be, i CANNOT focus on what im reading. I willl be reading the words, but i can get as far as 2 pages before realizing that my mind has been running off on other things and hasnt payed one moment of attention to the words i've read. Im starting to think this might be a serious problem because it happens when i read books for liesure too. Very very easily.

Another reason i think i might be depressed.....

is even the idea of having my work finished...... makes me depressed.

the idea of at that point being left with nothing but the internet just sounds so dull.....

sitting at the lake getting constantly nagged and yelled at sounds just as bad if not worse....

at the moment nothing sounds fun at all and i just want to sit up in a corner and cry.....

im really stressed and i guess in retrospect its my own fault for procrastionating........

yeah...... i feel like i definately deserve to feel this way a little bit...

My step-mom would say i deserve it... and my dad wouldnt disagree with her.....

I dont even know what i want to feel right now...

please help......
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Its prob more sad than depressed.... Or like a very very light temporary depression.... Depression more like if u want to escape the pain or loneliness around u etc...
Second maybe listen to some music? ^_^?

Just several songs i pick out of my playlist :P most of them are pretty decent nice to listen to songs

And why dont u watch one week friends ^_^. Its an anime on crunchyroll and it amazing :3
Its about a girl that loses her memory of friends every week so she distances herself from ppl.

If u still feel stressed. Sit down, take a deep breath, and just hum to some lyrics etc as u listen to music. And dont worry about thoughts u may have. Just let them be there as u continue to hum a long if they come up.
Maybe even listen to anime soundtrack xp?

Idk i am just assuming u like anime bc u have alibaba and aladdin as your profile pic

Oh i could be wrong about the depression thing.... Im not sure bc your experience seems to jump around from not sure the point of life to happy......

Might be more like your slipping in and out of a light depression, but still prob more like sadness+shifting hormones if it is only temporary.
But u can slip into depression if it happens more and more often to the point where it lasts days ir weeks at times

Fist of all you are the first person to recognize my profile pic and gosh thats awesome. You are great, friend.

second of all...

thanks for the music :3 i'll give it a go next time im feeling in yhe dumps. the problem is... its been kind of reoccuring.

I've been having a mindset that is great and fun and happy and optimistic....

and then will suddenly crash from the tinest nudge of the tiniest problem.

when i wrote the post... i was having a terrible horrible moodswing that i've been gettig every few months where i go completely ballistic and everything turns into, "Hulk SMAAAASSSHHH"

i really dont know what to do about it. its probably just the anger and frustration thats accumulated from having to deal with my step mom, who... well... she and i dont see eye to eye, per say.

but thank you for the mysic suggestions :3 i will be sure to check them out. i just have to force myself to listen to happy music when i get all upset like that.

and to tell you the truth, the lake ended up being a very good use of my time. this post was mainly just my head clouded with negativity spewing noxious words.

sorry about that.

but thanks again friend :3

Np~ :). :P. Just glad everything worked out. :( mhmm well if it does reoccur im always open to chat if needed xP. Might be a bit awk though xP, but just saying if u need any advice always open to help. :( just know how much it must sucks to have that reoccurring depression ;(. And i actually would be careful ;(. Maybe talk to a close friend etc, but that can get worse and worse. It usually doesnt for most ppl :P, but for me it did get worst to the point a full depression. Just got out of it a few months ago xP so yay~ xD. Still sometimes a bit depressed but it is now more close to sadness for me. :3.

Also really xD. I would think more ppl know alibaba and aladdin. XP have u read the other side story of sinbad and his journey to become king yet? Its still a wip and being translated every week but it is soo good >u<

I glad for you then! and sure, i'd love to talk. i'll keep you in mind when i feel down, zat cool? :3

and i've heeearrrd about that....... how many chapters does it have? i'm thinking i'm gonna watch the anime instead.... i have this weird thing where if i start an anime, i usually dont read the manga or if i read the manga, i usually dont watch the anime unless both are waaaay different from one another. like black butler or something XD

Yup zat is cool :P.

And it only has like 13 chp or so and it isnt an anime :P so no worries :D. Plus the magi anime will never get close to the manga x.x too many chp and the amt of episode for anime is too little.

Here is the manga btw if u want to read:

Sinbad the great op adventurer xD xP and his story~

Nvm it has 32 chp, but u get through them quick xD. Lol i was way off on that

aawww shoot. so you dont think they will make anymore seasons of the anime?

and i think the actually DO have an OVA of the Sinbad adventures out at the moment, but that cooooouuuld have just been me XD i dunna.

O.O!! What!! I need to search that tomorrow xD x3

Hopefully true


awesome. hope it is though XD

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