This Geek Might Be a Freak

I think I might be a lesbian.  I think I was since I was a little girl under aged 9 years.  The first time I wanted to be a man was some time back then. I saw a movie about a peeping tom who snuck into his target's bedroom while she slept and had his way with her.  I've fantasized about stuff like that ever since.  I also long to explore the female genitalia and feel the breasts and other body parts of a woman, just like men get to do to us.  I always wonder if I am gay and am afraid to tell my family because we were all raised Christians and they think homosexuality is a sin.  I have a freaky alter-ego and I'm a geek.

I am working on finding out if I really am, but it is hard, since I rarely see anyone I like or find attractive, and when I do see someone, I can't even talk to them, let alone get to a point of actually testing the theory.  It is a sad and lonely road...I think I'd better just force myself to forget I ever wondered....

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