I'm 14 And I Might Be Pregnant.

I'm Amy and I'm 14 and about a week ago I was pressured into having sex with a guy. He text me later asking if I was on birth control and I'm not. I'm so scared. I'm not ready. I know he won't stick around. He's a drug addict. He wants me to get an abortion if I am. I was thinking of trying to natural do an abortion. I'm so not ready.

I go to a school full of mormons. They are going to judge me when we get back from school. My moms going to kick me out of the house. I'm so screwed. I'm so scared. Everyone is going to think less of me.

he's obviously not going to stick around. I don't even think he wants to know if I am pregnant. He's 16. I'm 14. Ugh I have no idea what;s going to happen. I won't be able to take care of my baby. I really hope this is all just a false alarm.
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

If he pressured you into having sex with him and you didn't want to, that's rape.

I'm 14 and pregnant too :) but I never had sex. Pregnant virgin- its very weird I'm not sure how it happened.

Hey can you messagge me? I have no way of viewing your profile please?


It says you're content is to old or something. But it doesn't matter now. I was also a pregnant virgin it's a long story but I lost the baby last month..

Everyone was telling me to just go up stairs with him and he was just trying to take off my pants and he dragged me upstairs. I don't have a lot of self confidence. I couldn't say no or stop him.

And you slept with him because... ?