I Don't Know What I Am

Since i was young, i have just known things, things that have happened in the past that there should almost be no way of me knowing. The strange thing is, it's not usually about people/places in my life but people/places that have come before my time. I dont understand how i know these things. For example, i can go into an old house without historical record and know at least 1 thing that has happened there. I dont know if its my imagination or something more. But what kind of imagination leads you places that end up having some kind of "haunt" if you will. I also know things about ancient cultures that i have never even studied before.

I also have this uncanny tendancy to stand over where people(s) have been murdered. For example when i was in 8th grade, my class went to the Wabasha Street Caves that was converted into a nightclub back in ohhh, the early 1920's? maybe before (This is in my home town of St. Paul, MN) and the club was called "Castle Royale" and was a notorious hangout for the gangster's of the time (i.e. John Dillanger, George "babyface" Nelson, etc). There was only one recorded murder there and story has it that 3 men were playing cards or something and one of the men was losing, lost his temper, and shot and killed the other 2 men. He then bribed the cops w/ cash not to turn him in and they helped him bury the bodies. Well, when my class went on a tour, i walked in and immedately felt weird and felt watched. When we were directed into the cellar of the cave, the tour guide told us about the murder and said that psychics have been in there before and all of them said the pointed to the same spot  murdered men where buried. the spot that i was standing over. At first, i thought "just my luck, right?". Then the same things with other places i have been to w/ death have happened (Glensheen Mansion aka Cogden Manor,  SS William A Irvin Boat museum).

Now, i ghost hunt. I want to know more. I want to know why i always feel like im being watched and why i know the things is know, see the things i see, and explain the things that happen to me. If im not trying to communicate with the paranormal, i feel empty and alsmot incomplete.

I am open to any advice and opinion.
Please help me to understand.

Thank you

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can you message me frost maiden? i feel weird about telling the world some of this stuff.

thank you for the insite frostmaiden. i too believe in God which is why its very difficult for me to jusify anything. <br />
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And curtainrod, i'd like to know WHY you think it is coincidence. <br />
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There are also plenty of other unexplained things that have and still happen to me.<br />
I see things. But that is a story for another day.<br />
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FrostMaiden, could you further assist me with somethings i am unsure about?