I'm not sure if "psychic" and ESP are the same type of thing but I know they're relatively similar. When I was little I used to predict weird things, like the next song to come on the radio, the words on the banner being flown behind a plane before it was in view, things like that. My mom kinda joked that I had ESP but it did happen to me quite a bit. Those "predictions" stopped for a while but for the past few years they have started again. They not usually for anything big, and unfortunately I can't ever tell when its something that will really happen or just a premonition until after its happened. I also can't do it on command, sometimes it just happens. The most common for me is that many times when my phone is in my purse, in another room, etc. I will often go grab it, thinking "I should have it near in case someone calls" and no sooner do I do that than my Grandma calls. Its almost always my grandma that this happens with although occasioally it has happened with others. Like someone else mentioned, this happens with sports games for me sometimes which is kinda funny but it really does happen. I call plays all the time, good and bad. I call home runs, doubles, triple, all that, in baseball quite often. Maybe I just watch too much baseball though ;) Sometimes I just have feelings about how an event is going to turn out or the outcome of something. Once I was walking to one of my classes and I just had a feeling it was going to be cancelled (not a class that had ever been cancelled before so it wasnt like "oh I bet its cancelled again"). I thought about trusting my instinct and just going back to my dorm room but I went to the class, and sure enough half way there I saw a guy from my class who said a sign was posted that it had been cancelled. So, I don't know what this is, ESP, some level of psychic abilities, or just lucky guesses, but it does happen quite often. Any insight, anyone? :)

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umm, hi ....<br />
when i was younger, i was like you ... just getting an odd gut feeling on the outcome of the situation at hand ... cept with me, my biological mom sent me a letter when i was like 12, explaining to me, 'my ability' and she said all i had to do to receive this 'gift', is to pray and basically 'ask' for it. well for years after that, weird stuff would happen.<br />
as i grew older tho, alcohol and weed the main obstacles, however other inhibitors have play'd factors in the past.<br />
but anyhow, my 'feelings' have faded :( <br />
BUT, every now and again i'll get a strong 'feeling' about something, and ill ALWAYS 'go-with the gut' .... altho im only right now, mayb a little over half the time, get that