I Believe I May Have Some Psychic Ability's. Do You Think I Do? What Comes Next?

Since I can remember ( i'm now 22) I have always had weird premonitions.
I can remember knowing that my father killed himself before my family told me. I drove across the bridge on my school bus when I was 8, and then looked at my bus driver (who was my aunt) and said "I remember when my friend Sam's dad died" She immediately said "your dad isn't dead!" and then the convo ended quickly, only to get home and find out that he jumped off the bridge.
Since then I have had small things happen to me such as demanding I wear my American Flag Tee to school on the morning of September 11th. Along with things of this nature happening to me I have also experienced other peoples emotions when not even being close to them physically or emotionally. I have been known to call family members when they are depressed or upset, even after not speaking to them for a couple of months or not even knowing they were upset to begin with.
I have also drawn pictures of people I didn't know's room's. I would randomly look at them and draw out their bedroom, stating the color of their carpet, where they had their bed dresser and what floor it was on. On some occasions people told me "not my room! That's my brothers room!" these kids were all in my high school that I really freaked out.
When I was 16, I had a friend who was kind of depressed. She never was "suicidal" but I knew she was depressed. We went to camp together. She was in a completely different cabin than me, one night I couldnt sleep. Tossing and turning I didn't know what was going on with me, until I heard a little girl say "Emily says hi!" I got up quickly and ran down to the Nurses Station and swore up and down she needed help. The were hesitant and asked what made me think that. I told them I don't know but to please please check on her. They did, when they got there she was in the bathroom with a razor in her hand bleeding. (she didn't try to commit suicide, just cutting her arm)... She still swears i'm psychic to this day.
I once knew my boyfriend cheated on me, I knew exactly who it was. They weren't even facebook friends or friends in real life. He didn't even have her number in his phone and I hadn't seen her since High school, he refused to tell me who the girl was, knowing I would confront her... He didnt have to tell me, because I wrote her a message on facebook. She confessed and both blamed each other for ratting. (im not with him anymore)
The other night I was with my boyfriend, (hes great) i started a fight with him for no reason, saying he was never allowed to use my car again, that he was to never touch it (he uses my car for work) I told him to get his own ride and that its unfair to me that he always has it and I'm jobless because of it.. I stormed out of the house, when I returned I sat in my car for a minute visualizing in my head him crashing it but thought nothing of it. That after noon, I get a call telling me he totaled my car.. I had no collision...
These are the main scenarios I remember but have a long list if i actually think about it.
Mostly I play things out in my head that actually happen in real life, If not right away shortly after.
I want to strengthen my gift but don't know what to do.
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Well, to be honest, I'm not sure if anyone can truly help you strengthen your gift. I mean, people could recommend what they've done for themselves, but it doesn't necessarily apply to you, ya know? But that might help you. Trying to contact other psychics, that is. If you want to talk about it, I'd be happy to chat, though clairvoyance isn't exactly my strong suit. I'm closer to a telepath than I am that. Though, my great grandmother had an uncanny proclivity towards clairvoyant dreams and visions, so I could try to share her story as well.

Sorry for butting in, but are you a Christian? It's not a special like "you're not a Christian so I can't tell you" thing, but if you are Christian I can explain it, but if you don't believe in God it's pretty much like saying "the tooth fairy is telling you to do it". So no reason to give advice if its unwarranted. I have similar instances. I have had graphic images of a front loader coming over over a hill by my cousins house and almost hitting their dog house. I told her and she asked if I talked to her mom, I hadn't, and it had happened the night before. We lived across the country from each other and I was about 8 and that was back in the day of house phones and letters being the only way to reach people. I dreamt I was in a church being shot at under the pews the night before the Texas Wedgwood baptist shootings. I also knew my brother was abusing drugs before anyone ever knew or even thought to know such a thing. I still have dreams and visions and pray a lot :)