I Must Be...

There's been times when I just knew things were going to happen.
    First, one day I was watching TV (and at that time I barely ever watched tv, and hadn't watched any in a long time) I was like 'Hey it'd be cool of blank check was on' so I was flipping through the channels, and there it was! So I watched it and I was stunned that I knew it was there, when there was no reason I should have known. Nobody talked about it, I never heard about it, it just was there. It's not on that often either...Especially not at that time.
    Second, sometimes I will be thinking about movies, and saying, 'hey it's a great day to rent movies' but I'm saying this in my head, and not to anyone else. Well, later on those days people usually go and rent movies. So it's like I'm predicting that. I never talked to anyone about renting movies, and low and behold they went and did it. We don't rent movies that often, so it's pretty strange.
   Third, just earlier today I was looking at my spider-man action figure whose holding up my stereo antenna...Well, I was thinking "I wonder if he'll ever drop that" then later a few minutes later he DID drop it. It scared me cus I didn't realize what had happened until after I thought about it. But I feel like I was predicting that it was going to happen. It was kind of a feeling.
    Lastly, it seems like my powers of psychic ability are getting stronger. Maybe it's because I'm tuning into it. There's been plenty of times that I can't remember or even mention in here. But I know that I have to be psychic, there's no such thing as so many coincidences. Especially not when the movie things happened I don't know HOW many times. That's what leads me to believe I am psychic.
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Ever heard of "dowsing", the ability to "locate" things?

I disagree. I've tried it before and it never worked out. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who was using their gift at the time. We're not meant to have a perfect world, and gifts are meant to be used for other purposes. Of course life isn't like Charmed, it's silly that you'd even say that. Then perhaps those people are full of evil and greed, and I feel sorry for people like that. When you have a gift you should be using it to help other people, not to help yourself, but thats how I see it. This world is too consumed with greed.

Sure you can! People use their gifts for 'personal gain' all the time. I'm sorry, but life isn't a Charmed episode. Just look in the newspaper, and I'm sure you'll see someone out there, using power which they have which not many other people in the world have, for something which benefits them in some way. This is no different, really. Everyone just has to live up to the consequences of their actions. :)

Sorry mate, it doesn't work that way. If I could do that, I would use it for personal gain. But unfortunately, you can't use gifts for personal gain.

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I'm going to just make this simple and say I agree with you Chovhani.

My theory is that everyone has these abilities, but most people ignore them or actually resist them, because it scares them or their beliefs say it's "wrong". It also occurs to me that if it is a truly natural thing, which it must be, that explains why it can be so hit and miss. And those who make the effort can train themselves and hone their skills to be more reliable

I have had similiar experiences, sadly most of them involve sports games. I wish I could figure out how to use it in more exciting parts of my life (If I had exciting parts of my life) I can never tell when, but there are times when I just know someone is going to miss a kick, hit a homerun, etc. I have never been wrong when I have said it out loud. I've actually scared people with it. But it only happens right before the thing occurs, not nearly enough time to bet on it.

if you think you're psychic you should channel your powers into predicting the lotto numbers and invest all of your savings in it.