Seriously! When my male friends call me up and tell me their heart broken I actually can't believe it.. I didn't even know guys at my age really "fall in love" or get hurt when a girl leaves...

Maybe I'm sexist I just don't know I just think men are crule, unfaithful, overly sexual, scary... The list goes on.

Please don't get me wrong I don't think this about men in such a way that I hate them all but I am just slightly scared of trusting one.

I am honestly ashamed to have this view of men. I wish I didn't
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Oh trust me, heartbreak and betrayal know no gender. I speak from experience.

Guys have feelings too.

Also women are just as bad the supposed image of men.
Due to previous relationships,I find it hard to trust a women full stop. This is to the point I am nervous around girls irl, and will not say nice things that I would like to say and would have said in the past.

Also scientific fact that women are more likely to cheat, simply because it is a genetic survival instinct to get better offspring.

I love how women think the problem is w men, it isnt a hard thing to do to find faithful guys. Women are just attracted to ********. Go find a guy w a college education and some morales instead of some trash u pick up at a bar and then wonder why he just wants a **** buddy.

Trusting a man isn't trusting that he'll be faithful to me that's often the last thing on my mind when I'm scared for my life. I am the reason why a man is in prison today, I have been abused as a child, beaten and stalked as a teenager and now I'm scared of men. I don't hate men I'm just terrified of trusting one. Trusting that I'll be safe, I just wish I didn't judge every on the actions of some as that's something I disagree deeply with but I can't seem to shake the feeling...

Sorry to hear that

I have this view of guys and probs always will not ashamed at all Bcuz it's true. What did this "heart broken" guy go out the next day and try to pick up others girls? Heart broken my ***.