why would i cheat instead of leaving simple i fear change in my life and hes become a comfort i cant afford to lose and he helps with my bills right now but that being said i have my reasons i dont think its fair for me to have to touch myself or ask for sex when weve only dated a year off and on im 23 years old sure my prospects may lack but im positive i could find someone who craves for me. Not like i havnt gave multiple chances just 10 mins ago i asked if hed come touch me which is a low i never thought id stoop only for him to say or u can touch urself. Seriously!!!! but he wonders why i cry when i climb out top of him not like he notices he only looks at me when he wants to see just how mad i am then he goes back to whatever fantsy he was thinking i guess til hes done and then thats it i clean up cry in the bathroom cause god forbid i have feelings thatd only be an argument and climb into bed he goes to sleep and im left awake to wonder why i cant just walk awayi guess why im rambling like this is cause two reasons id like to knlw peoples opinions on it and two cause i gotta get some of whats in miy head out i cant bare anymore
Tater13 Tater13
26-30, F
Sep 1, 2014