If you are considering leaving EP but you haven't pushed that "delete account" button or sent that email to support there is a reason you are hesitating. EP is just like everywhere else, it has its good and bad points.  Maybe you stay for the friends you have made here.  Some may stay because they like the chaos they have found in certain areas.  Others may stay for the support. Still others may stay for the titillation of some of the stories. Whatever the reason, there is something that kept you from just deleting so I urge you to think about it carefully and take a break before you just go "poof."  Things have a way of looking different when one is rested.  Good luck. I wish you nothing but happiness in your life no matter what you decide.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

:) soo true Beth1999

I couldn't just delete, not now there's too much to give up!

Thanks Poly.<br />
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NS, hehe<br />
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Thanks Jenn.

Very sage advice Fungirl! I too wish you happiness in your Life's adventures and journey not matter where they go.